Seniors Inter CIVICS Important Questions
1. Explain salient features of Indian Constitution.
2. Describe the various stages of Indian National movement?
3. What are the Fundamental Rights of Indian citizens?
4. Explain the Directive Principles mentioned in Indian constitution?
5. What are the differences between FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS and Directive Principles.
6. Explain the powers and functions of Indian President.
7. What are the powers of Indian Prime Minister.
8. Point out the composition of Union Council of Ministers and functions of the Union Cabinet.
9. Describe the composition, powers and functions of Indian Parliament.
10. How is speaker of the Lok Sabha elected? What are his powers and functions?
11. What are the powers of State Governor?
12. Powers and functions of State Chief Minister?
13. Explain the structure, powers and functions of the State Legislature.
14. Explain the composition of High Court and its functions.
15. What are the legislative relations between Union and State?
16. Describe the various types of Local governments?
17. Explain the powers and functions of District collector?
18. What are the basic features of Indian Foreign policy?
19. What are the composition and powers and functions of UNO?
20. Define Globalization and explain the factors responsible for Globalization?
21. Define Terrorism and explain the factors of terrorism?

1. Explain the causes for the Birth of Indian National Movements?
2. What are the various programs adopted during noncooperation movement?
3. What are the important provision of Government of Indian Act, 1919?
4. Point out the restrictions on Fundamental Rights?
5. Describe the Fundamental rights?
6. Explain the Fundamental freedom included in Right to Freedom.
7. Expalin the Emergency powers of President of India.
8. What do you know about the election procedure and powers of the Vice President of India.
9. What do you know about ‘Collective Responsibility’?
14.  Explain the procedure adopted for election, impeached the President of India.
11. Explain the powers and functions of Rajya Sabha Chairman.
12. What are the differences between Public bill, Private bill?
13. Describe the composition and functions of estimates committee?
14. Explain the public accounts committee?
15. Explain the composition of Indian Supreme Court?
16. What are the powers and functions of Indian Supreme Court?
17. Point out the position of the Governor in the State Government..
14.   Explain the composition of state council of Ministers.
19. Explain the structure of State Legislative Assembly.
20. Explain the structure of State Legislative Council?
21. Point out the admisntrative relations between union and state.
22. Explain the recommendations of the ‘Sarkaria Commission’.
23. Write a note on Village Panchayat?
24. Point out the composition powers and functions of mandal Parishad.
25. Explain the composition and powers of Zilla Parishad?
26. Write briefly about the functions of U.N General Assembly.
27. What are the causes for the failure of UNO?
28. Describe the meaning and causes of corruption.
29. Suggest remedies for corruption.

1. Moderate state                    2. Extremist stage
3. Civil Disobedience movement        4. Universal adult franchise
5. Minto-Morley Reforms act        6. Write about fundamental rights
7. Right to equality                8. Article 19th
9. What is the present position of right to property?
10. What are the additional items of Directive principles?
11. Identify the women’s welfare items in the Directive Principles.
12. Mention any two restrictions on Fundamental Rights.
13. By whom the Indian President is Elected?
14. How is President of Indian impeached in post his office?
15. Article 356                    16. Article 352
17. Article 360                    18. Any two functions of Union Cabinet.
19. Collective Responsibility           
20. Name any four persons who acted as the President of India?
21. Quorum
22. Name any four person who acted as the Vice-President of India.
23. What is Economic bill            24. Parliament
25. How many times did the Lok Sabha meet in an year?
26. What are the qualifications of Supreme Court Judges?
27. Court of Record                28. Judicial Review
29. What are the qualifications of state Governor?
30. State Executive                31. Appointment of the Chief Minister.
32. State Legislature                33. Legislative assembly
34. Legislative council                35. Appointment of State High court judges
36. Advisory functions of Supreme court    37. Central list
38. State list            39. Union List        40. Concurrent list
41. Residuary items                42. Sarkariya Commission
43. Finance commission            44.Grama Panchayat
45. Sarpanch                    46. Contonment Boards
47. Mayor                        48. District Collector
49. Mandal Parishad                50. Zilla Parishad
51. Foreign policy                51. Zilla Maha Sabha
53. Non -alignment                54. Objectives of India’s foreign policy
55. UNO Charter                    56. Vetopower
57. Panchaseela                    58. Economic and social council
59. Security council                60. UNO Secretariat
61. Organs of United Nations of Organization
62. Name any four persons who acted as the UNO Secretary General?
63. Globalization                    64. What are the tactics of Terrorists?
65. Corruption                   
66. Four recommendations of Senthanan-committee on corruption
67. Four suggestions of Veerappa Maile commission on Corruption.
68. Salt-Satyagraha.