Senior Inter Commerce important Questions for 2011-12

10  Marks:

1.       What are the powers of District Forum?

2.       What are the functions of Stock Exchange?

3.       Explain about the consumer protection machinery?

4.       What are the functions of Banking?

5.       What are the functions of SEBI?

6.       What do you know about NSE? Explain its features.

7.       Explain the services of wholesaler to manufacturer and retailers?

8.       What are the merits and demerits of Road transportation?

9.       Explain about consumer movement in India?

10.   What are the causes for backwardness of consumer movement in India?

11.   What do you understand by E-Banking? Explain the types of E-Banking.

12.   What are the functions of Marketing?

13.   Write about listing of securities.

5        Marks:
1.       Explain the main benefits of SEZs

2.       What is outdoor media? State its advantages.

3.       What are the services of retainers to consumers?

4.       Explain the characteristics of Marine Insurance.

5.       What are the principles of Insurance?

6.       Explain the types of Speculation deals.

7.       What are the features of computers?

8.       What are the advantages of computers?

9.       Explain the problems of International Trade?

10.   Explain the features of advertising copy?

11.   What is M-commerce and write its merits and demerits.

12.   What are the various types of wareshouses?

13.   Evolution of computers.

14.   What are the merits and demerits of TV advertising?

15.   Explain the uses and misuses of Tele Markiting.

16.   Differences between speculation and gambling.

17.   Features of advertising.

18.   Write about Bull, bear, stag and lamduck.

19.   Advantages of Foreign trade.

20.   Positive and negative affects of Advertising.

21.   Differences between double insurance and re-insurance.

2   Marks:

1.       Quotation

2.       Bill of Lading

3.       Grading

4.       Marketing mix

5.       Bonded warehouse

6.       ATM

7.       Wash sales

8.       Letter of Credit

9.       Tele Marketing

10.   Consumerism

11.   Mouse

12.   Outdoor media

13.   FOR

14.   Rigging

15.   Cash credit

16.   E-banking

17.   Janatha Policy

18.   Export trade

19.   FOB

20.   Jobber

21.   Certificate of Origin

22.   Super markets

23.   Mobile banking.

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